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         We have several different types of paddling sessions based on your interests and physical capabilities.

COPE (Community Outreach Paddling Experience)

  •  For those who simply want to experience the sport of dragon boating and being on the water.  Its a very relaxed   paddling session, with basic coaching instructions, music, lots of questions, enjoying the dolphin sitings, etc. 

Introductory Paddling Session

  • This session is for those who truly have an interest in the sport and want more instruction and  experience before they decide to join.   The coach will train you on the proper paddling technique, conduct drills, review basic commands, and hold one-on-one sessions for a short time with each participant.  Each participant is allowed two free introductory sessions before being expected to become a member

CLUB Membership 

  • Once a participant has completed two free introductory paddling sessions, they must decide whether they would like to continue and become a member.  See the membership tab for details.

Team Building Paddling Sessions

  • COMING SOON......looking to establish team building opportunities through the sport of dragon boating for local companies, organizations, clubs, etc.  


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