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Common Questions and Answers

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Below we have comprised a list of the common questions and answers regarding dragon boating, training, membership, sponsorship and  donating.  If there is a question that has not been answered by the list below, please feel free to enter an inquiry on the "Contact" tab above and a team representative will respond.   

Training Sessions
Q:  How do I sign up for my free paddling session?
A:  Click on the “Contact” tab above, complete your information and a representative will contact you within 48 hours to set up your first free session

Q:  What do I need to bring to my first session?
A:  Signed waiver, water, sunscreen and a hat.  Optional item - a garden kneeling pad to put on the seat for cushion.  We will provide a paddle and life vest (PFD).

Q:  What should I wear?
A:  Clothes that are water wicking and quick dry are the best.  Women typically wear stretch workout pants either Capri length or full length.  Men typically wear swim trunks or quick dry shorts.
Shoes: Comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting wet.  We suggest sandals or some form of water shoes.  Tennis shoes and socks are not a good choice as they will get soaked.

Q:  When are training sessions held?
A:  Your first free paddling session will be held on a Sunday afternoon.   You will be notified of the time and date once you express an interest.  You can attend your second free paddling session any Sunday or Wednesday by notifying our new member coordinator.  

Q:  Are paddling session ever cancelled?
A:  Yes, paddling sessions will be cancelled by the coaches if the weather or waters are too dangerous for paddling.  Non-members  will be notified by phone or email of any cancelation.    Once you join, you will be notified by email through the “Team Snap” website.

Q:  How do I join?
A:  Once you complete your free paddling sessions, let our new member coordinator know and she will send you the membership application packet to complete, sign and return with your dues payment.

Q:  How much are the dues?
A:  Dues are $200 per membership paid annually 

Q:  What do I get as part of my membership?
A:  Besides paddling on the beautiful Banana River with the dolphins and manatees and developing wonderful friendships, it includes bi-weekly paddle sessions, use of team paddles and life vests, opportunities to participate in dragon boat festivals, a team hat and luggage tag.

Q:  What forum is used for team member communications?
A: We use a website called “Team Snap”.  Once you join you will receive an invitation to sign up for Team Snap.  You will create an ID and password for future entry into the site.   The site allows each member to set up a profile, access to roster of team members, see schedules, select your availability for each event, view photos and files related to the team.

Q:  How do I purchase team practice shirts and team race shirts?
A:  Team merchandise can be purchased online at www.watersports.com under the dragon boat section or at the warehouse located at 128 Tomahawk Drive, Satellite Beach, FL 32937 (two miles north of Oars and Paddle Park off of South Patrick Drive)

Q:  Where can I purchase a paddle?
A:  Paddles are a personal preference and can be researched online.  Some paddlers prefer the wood and carbon combo paddle, some like the full carbon paddles.  They come in various composite materials and prices.  You should be measured to get the best length for your height.  Sometimes it is possible to demo paddles when representatives are available or at festivals.

However, you do not have to purchase a paddle as the club provides paddles for each practice and the festivals provide paddles at all events.  

Dragon Boat Basics
Q:  What is a dragon boat?
A:  A dragon boat is a canoe-like boat, 42 feet in length, ten bench seats with a steer person, a drummer and 20 paddlers.

Q:  What is a drummer?
A:  A drummer is a person who sits at the front of the boat, facing the paddlers, taps the drum to the beat of the strokes.

Q:  What are strokes?
A:  The first two paddlers in the boat are called “strokes” as they will set the paddling pace for the rest of the boat.

Q:  How can I help sponsor the team?
A:  Our premier sponsor is Health First, Cancer Institute, however, we welcome anyone who would be interested in becoming a sponsor and assisting us in our mission.  Check out the various sponsorship levels on the “Sponsor Us” tab.  

Q:  Are there non-monetary sponsorships available?
A:  Yes, if you have goods or services that you would like to provide team members please send your information to our team email account.

Q:  Do you have other monetary levels of sponsorship?
A:  At this point, no we do not.  If interested in helping our team at lower monetary levels, we encourage you to simply submit a donation to the team.  

Donate to Team

Q:  How can I submit a donation to Heart and Soul?           
A:  Go to the “Sponsor Us” tab above, scroll down to the donation section of the page.  You can either send a donation through PayPal or send a check made out to Heart and Soul Dragon Boat Team and mail it to our team post office box.  As a 501(c)3 all donations are tax deductible and each recipient will 
receive a letter verifying your donation to Heart and Soul.